School supplies for everyone


Little girlNothing gets the Chicks more excited than the annual School Supply Giveaway in late July.

I am searching every wholesale website for deals on backpacks, socks, underwear and children’s clothing. Betsy is at a fever pitch of activity, cleaning the shelves of major retailers that have deeply discounted notebooks, pencils, crayons and other school supplies. It’s fun to collect it all at the warehouse, but it’s more fun to give it away to 600 children in extreme need.

I know I’ve been on this particular soapbox before, but many people don’t realize that children go back to school either in dirty underwear, socks and clothing or, in some cases, no underwear or socks. Other kids make fun of them. And that just deflates their self-esteem. So the Chicks are BIG on underwear and socks.

We’ll do this again, on a more limited basis, in January when the kids go back to school. They are our future. If anyone out there wants to help with a Drive for Dignity to get donated new socks and underwear, just say the word and we’ll bring a bin.

School supplies for everyone

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