Saint Robert

We said goodbye to Robert today. Well, not goodbye. But, definitely, see you later. We moved some remaining inventory out of A+ Storage, our home away from home after the first days in the flood’s aftermath.

Here’s how we found Robert. John Scannapieco, our board chair, urged me to quickly find a temporary warehouse. I had no clue. I put a message on Facebook, pleading for anyone who knew of space to contact me. Tina Hamilton, who I did not know at the time, messaged me: “Call Robert Craig.” The next morning, at about 7:30 a.m., I did. “We’d be happy to help,” he said. “Come on over.” That was it. Done. We took up residence almost immediately. Here’s Robert, literally showing us the door to our future. We have crashed at Robert’s pad for more than a year. He was never anything but gracious and welcoming and helpful. Countless numbers of relief workers and volunteers and flood survivors traipsed through his doors to find help. Giant semi-trucks wedged themselves through the security gate and did a tight back-up at his dock.

We have had lots of help since then, but Robert was the first to extend his hand to us, wanting nothing in return.

So, tonight, the Chicks just want to say thank you. It’s not nearly enough. Thousands of flood survivors found water, clothing, bleach, emergency hygiene kits, and, yes, comfort, because Robert Craig just said, “Come on over.”

Saint Robert

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