Sad fact

Much has been made of the obesity epidemic. Here’s how we see it every month at CRC. When we have our monthly giveaways and new clothing is involved,  our partner agencies frantically search through the offerings for 1X, 2X and 3X. Smaller sizes go untouched.

Why is that? It is mostly due to the fact that there are food deserts in Nashville and surrounding counties, places where there is not a grocery store conveniently located near where people live. Imagine, if you will, waiting for a public bus that will take you a half hour away to a grocery store. Then figuring out how much you can afford to buy and tote back to the bus for the return trip home. Imagine that frozen vegetables, for example, are involved and will thaw out before you can get back to your freezer.  Or chicken breasts that will not-so-happily achieve room temperature before you can get them in the fridge. Now imagine that you are a 67-year-old grandmother raising two young grandchildren.

Is it any wonder that the nachos and faux cheese dip at the convenience store down the street start to look pretty darn good? Community Food Advocates, right here in Nashville, is trying to do something about this shameful situation. Support them.

One more thing. Those double and triple X sizes aren’t just for adults. They’re for the kids.

Sad fact

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