Rev. Catfish

Good souls who want to help Nashville recover come from all walks of life. However, I must say that Rev. Catfish stands out. He stands alone. All alone. He is an original.

Rev. Catfish is the founder and undisputed leader of the Blessings from Jesus Over the Road Ministry. He is a former trucker who lives in Lake Monroe, Florida, but he travels all over the country seeking out people in need and magically delivering mass quantities of stuff. When he drove a truck full-time for a living, he would notice the pockets of poverty he found on his long hauls. He never forgot. Now he goes back in the name of Jesus.

The reverend has been to West Virginia to set up a Vacation Bible School in an impoverished town. He’s been to New York City to deliver stuff to the homeless. And last week, he took a shine to Nashville.

Actually, Catfish has been planning this trip almost since the first floodwater arrived. “Kathleen!” he said over the phone. “What do you all need in Nashville?” My name is Catherine and he never actually got that part right. Over the next few weeks I was Kathy, Carol, Kathleen. Whatever. He was a man on a mission and he might not have known who he was talking to, but he knew where he was going.

The good reverend arrived last week with an amazing assortment of stuff. He has a relationship with CVS and we got bushels of CVS products. He had giant cardboard barrels filled with diapers. He had emergency food boxes. He had water. Oddly enough he had chocolate Hanuka gelt. I didn’t ask. The gelt actually found its way to a summer program for kids in Fayetteville.

After the inmates from the Davidson¬† County Sheriff’s Office unloaded his truck, Rev. Catfish joined us for lunch –¬† Quarter Pounders with Cheese and fries from McDonald’s. He handed me a bill of lading to sign. Then he got back in his cherry red truck and drove off. Off to somewhere else where there is need. Off to the next disaster. Over the road. With Jesus.

Rev. Catfish

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