Pretty things… finally

First the flood.  Then the clean-up. Finally, finally we get to the good stuff. Starting over.

So Betsy and I are at the offices of Street Dixon Rick Architects. Those are my new favorite boyfriends John and Andrew on the right and my new favorite boy and girlfriend Beth and Baird to the left. None of them know about each other. It would have made the meeting awkward. John and Andrew are from American Constructors. They will be constructing their hearts out at CRC.

John and Andrew go first because they don’t really want to stick around for the “pretty thing” portion of the program. We discuss air conditioning, electrical systems and heating equipment.  I am giddy with excitement, but I try to contain myself. I actually am excited about the electrical system. Apparently, our old one was not all it could have been since we found evidence of a fire in the wall when we tore the offices down.

After John and Andrew leave we get to the really exciting stuff. See all those swatches at the end of the table? Pretty things. This never happens during the lifetime of a nonprofit. It is very hard to justify pretty things when you are serving the poverty stricken. However, not only do we not have pretty things right now, we have NO things.

Well, that’s not entirely true. We have three pigs. Three whimsically painted wooden pigs that were on top of a credenza in our offices. We saved them from certain moldy death. They are now in our temporary warehouse. Last week, the blue pig disappeared and we feared someone had stolen him. Betsy and Kim were inconsolable. Betsy sobbed openly. Thank goodness, Kim found “Blue” at the bottom of a container filled with baby clothes. That pig. We had to confine him after that.

So now Betsy and I have picked out pretty things. We’re waiting for building permits and then the real party begins. We are on our way. And we’re looking pretty darn snazzy as we get on the road.

Pretty things… finally

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