Poverty in Davidson County

povertyNashville is the “it” city right now, the hip cool place to be. Even the New York Times says so. But not very far away from the Bridgestone Arena, cool clubs and trendy restaurants, there’s another Nashville.

Some statistics:

The median household income for Davidson County dropped from $50,164 in 2007 to $43,556 in 2011.

In 2011, 30.5 percent of those living in Davidson County under age 18 lived in poverty.

More than 70 percent of Metro Davidson County school children qualify for free or reduced lunches.

The 19.3 percent poverty rate for Davidson County is higher than both the state’s and the nation’s poverty rate.

Not very hip or cool, is it?

There’s a new group that’s taking aim at poverty in this town. It’s called A Voice and you can read more about them here. In the world of poverty, there are some heavy hitters who organized this. Their aim is to advocate for programs and opportunities to lift people out of poverty and put them on a road towards some level of prosperity.

We’re about to have the School Supply Giveaway at CRC and one of the items most requested for school children is underwear. In our cool, hip city many impoverished children begin their school year literally without underwear. I cannot imagine the shame they must feel for something that is totally out of their control.

I hope A Voice can make a difference. The Chicks have joined and you can, too.

Poverty in Davidson County

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