Playing dress up

We don’t get to dress up often. Most of the time we’re schlepping things around in the warehouse. But a few weeks ago, we got to gussy up to man (or woman) a booth at the HCA Community Day. It’s a cool deal where HCA brings all of Middle Tennessee’s nonprofits together and lets their employees pick which ones they want to volunteer for.  We got some volunteers to sign up to make “welcome home” baskets for homeless people going into transitional housing.

So Betsy made a basket up to look like what we give the folks going into housing. We actually give them much more than a basket full of stuff, but there are limits to how much stuff we can tote over to the booth when it’s 95 degrees outside. Betsy also made up these cute flyers that talk about what CRC does. And then she just waited to snare in all these HCA folks who were walking by our booth because they couldn’t figure out what Community Resource Center does. All Betsy had to do was make eye contact and she reeled them right in. You could have seen a photo of her doing this, but she said she didn’t look good and made me take it off the blog!

We did get a bunch of HCAers to sign on to the project. They’re coming to the warehouse next week. DSCN0351That’s Betsy in her more normal mode of dress getting all the stuff ready to put in baskets. That girl has been running all over town getting washcloths and plate sets. This morning she even suggested we buy some bar soap! That sounds simple but bar soap is one of the hardest things to get a deal on (we get most of our stuff through a liquidation wholesaler for pennies on the dollar, but you have to take what they have sometimes and not what you want).

By the way, the coolest thing at the HCA Community Day, literally, were these snow cone things with flavors like Margarita and daiquiri.  No alcohol, darn it.

Playing dress up

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