We have plans. They are official. They have an official architect’s stamp from Street, Dixon, Rick. They have been handed over to American Constructors. Beth Phillips, our brilliant architect, designed a beautiful space for us Chicks. We will have a stained industrial concrete floor in the office area. We will have environmentally conscious counter tops made from recycled detergent bottles.  We will have a glass wall between the office area and the warehouse that will bring in light. Light. We love light! We hadn’t seen it in the old warehouse for the last two years. We were beginning to get pasty.

Here’s the thing that is really exciting and it will seem boring to most people. We will be safe. The inner workings of the old building were – how do I say this? – not exactly “up to code.” When the mechanical engineer came out to assess our electric system, he just stood and stared for a good long while. We had electrical boxes everywhere. Finally, he looked at me and said, “These will all have to go.” I couldn’t agree more. We had already almost gotten electrocuted trying to plug a coffee maker in. And then when the remediation guys were shoveling out the flood-soaked debris, they found that there had been a fire in one of the walls. Now if that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will. So for the first time in the history of the Community Resource Center, we will be “up to code.”

The hard part now, of course, is waiting. Yes, we’ve been waiting since May 2, but we’ve been extremely busy. We are giving away relief and recovery supplies. We are giving away furniture. We are helping the Chamber connect donors of business equipment with businesses that suffered flood damage. We’re just “giving away” fools.

But now there’s a light. A light at the end of a moldy, soggy tunnel. It’s an environmentally friendly light next to a new front door that will welcome us home.  We have plans. Thanks, Beth. Of all the gifts given to us in the aftermath of this terrible flood, the gift of home may be the most precious.


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