Piece of cake

Gifts are not required when our nonprofit partners come to the warehouse for basic household necessities for their clients. But they are always appreciated.

A dab of frosting for Tim; the rest for the Chicks

Tim Mitchell from Progressive Directions has been a partner with CRC for many years. But Tim’s become more than a partner. He’s also a friend. When the Chicks first moved to our warehouse on Omohundro, Tim drove down from Clarksville to install our shelving. We’ve also borrowed Tim and his truck on occasion for pick-ups around town. He knows the Chicks have a sweet tooth so he’s all the time bringing us cookies and cupcakes and such.

So imagine our delight when Tim arrived at the warehouse yesterday with an entire chocolate cake! We should say here that Tim has conquered a few health issues in the last several years and chocolate cake is not on his approved list anymore. However, if you will notice in the photo, he “accidentally” got a little chocolate icing on his finger and, well, just had to remove it by licking it off. That’s okay, Tim. A little frosting isn’t going to hurt you and the Chicks took care of the other 99.9 percent.

Piece of cake

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