I understand that at some business establishments there is a rule that pets are not allowed in the work place. Since we have no established work place and very few rules, we have decided to add a new member to the CRC staff. Her name is Pico.

Here she is at her desk. She’s very low maintenance that way. She does not need a work station or an ergonomic chair. Pico has a very interesting background. She contacted Kim a few weeks ago in Normandy, Tennessee, where her previous employer had unceremoniously dumped her. Kim has a great sense of potential and talent. Pico asked Kim if there was any work in Nashville and, by the way, could she just move in with Kim until she could get her own apartment? Ever gracious, Kim told Pico she would be happy to share her home indefinitely.

Pico started at CRC yesterday. She lays around quite a bit and that’s usually a detriment in a new employee. But she wags her tail a lot and jumps up in your lap. We require that of all staff members. She enjoyed her “welcome” lunch of kibble and water.

The only problem we have is that Pico insists on going outside every few hours. We’re going to have to set up an employee evaluation about that.


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