Pallet table

Don’t you hate it when it’s right there in front of your face and you miss it?

It seems like forever that we’ve been trying to figure out a social enterprise model that fits with CRC. Social enterprise = a profitable revenue stream. Moolah. But, as I can tell you from the 134 classes on social enterprise I’ve attended (O.K, three actually), the social enterprise has to be driven by your core mission. And that’s been a problem for us. What goes with giving stuff away?

Sitting at the dock door one day, I just randomly looked around the warehouse and settled on pallets. We have lots of pallets. I mentioned this to

Pallet planter box

Betsy and she set about doing what Betsy does best. Taking a kernel of an idea and running with it. Before long, she’d found about a gazillion uses for pallets, from planter boxes to beds. Betsy conceptualizes and Kim builds. What a perfect partnership. I produce kernels. I’ll fit in somewhere.

So, my friends, we are going into the pallet products business.  Kim is extremely excited about this. Yesterday she

Kim's workshop

got to set up her workshop in the warehouse. This involved a trip to Lowe’s, which for Kim is like a shopping spree at Nordstrom’s. We are going to produce a few samples, including a table and a planter box to show some prospective collaborators. This is where mission meets moment. We take something that many times is thrown away and remake it into a useful item. And we involve some of our nonprofit partners who serve youth who are struggling with a positive direction in their lives. That will be our workforce.

And we’ll put everything on casters because Betsy has become besotted with¬† casters. She and Kim cooked up a genius idea for a raised planting bed on casters. Want to plant lettuce in March but afraid of a hard freeze in April? No problem – plant away! If the freeze comes you can just roll your raised bed into the garage.

So expect the noise level at CRC to actively compete with the cement plant across the street once Kim gets the power tools going. Pallets, people.

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