We had an excellent day at CRC this week. It was almost magical, in fact. One of the great things about being in the “give stuff away” business is you just never know what will walk through the dock door. The first thing that happened on this particular Wednesday is that a major novelty wholesaler arrived with a truck load of boxes.

Betsy warehouseThis is fun stuff. Mini-fans with colored lights. Baskets holding resin dogs. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse pocket watches. And our absolute favorite – gold sequined cowboy hats! We tried them on, of course. In all, we got 216 boxes of novelties that will go over big in the Christmas Giveaway.

Next to arrive was our printer, who had four cases of leather portfolios that had been printed with the wrong color for his client. He was going to throw them away, but then he thought of us. Score.

Toward the end of the day, Pastor Danny Gibbs arrived with a Budget rental truck full of food he’d gotten from another local charity for his own nonprofit. BUT, he also had a pallet of children’s books for us. Brand new. And, he wondered, did we want two pallets of Clorox, too? Score again!

Here’s Betsy doing her best Vanna White impression, showing off our warehouse packed to the rafters. Clorox and books to the left; novelties to the right. See the box labeled “gold”? That has our hats in them. We’ll model them for you one day. Life in the warehouse can be fun for two chicks who love to window shop.

The best part, though, is that all this stuff will go directly to people who otherwise wouldn’t have a very bright holiday season. We love to see our warehouse full. But it’s even better when the warehouse is empty because that means we’re doing our jobs.

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