Oysters and bling

Here’s what I look forward to at Oyster Easter every year:


1. The oysters. I would say this even if it wasn’t my very own party, but I friggin’ love the oysters. Heck, even if I had to pay for a ticket it would be worth the price because I can down a couple dozen oysters even before the first guest arrives.

2. The food. South Street does an incredible job and they serve all my favorite things (perhaps because I do the ordering – cause and effect?). I am especially fond, very fond, of the ribs. But I can’t turn down the hush puppies, buttered corn, smoked sausage or jambalaya either. Did I mention they also fry some oysters up for the buffet line? Can I eat like a dozen of them? Yes, I can.

3. Our fabulous royal candidates. I cannot tell you how much fun it is to watch eightFrank Platt and Janice Jones prominent men and women running around the party trying to buy votes for their candidacies. On a serious note, the Chicks are so grateful to philanthropic souls who are willing to invest in a bit of silliness to raise money for the Community Resource Center.

4. Les Kerr and the Bayou Band. Les has played at Oyster Easter for many years and he and his band always provide just the right tone for the party. Easy, casual music for an easy, casual afternoon. Plus he’s a Bayou boy so he loves him some oysters. A kindred soul.

OE 25. The Hula Hoop Contest!! Betsy thought this one up several years ago and it has become one of the biggest hits of the afternoon. Last year, former King Walker Shell and current Chair Bryan Ward did play-by-play of the action and even if we weren’t a little tipsy we would have been rolling in the aisles. By the way, when the party’s over picking up 237 Jello shots that landed on the ground plus assorted cigarette butts and name tags will knock the tipsy right out of you.

6. The Silent Auction. It’s back! And I am so thrilled. Our Oyster Eater committee has put together some fabulous offerings – from fitness classes to locally produced bourbon to chic accessories to theater tickets. However, I will admit I have my eye on a pair of diamond hoop earrings by famed Nashville jeweler Cindi Earl.

7. The weather. Because the party is the day before Easter and because the date of Easter changes every year, it’s always interesting to see what the weather does. It actually snowed one year. But that’s part of the fun and the crowd always rises to the occasion. They may be wearing their fabulous sun dresses with parkas, but they show up and have a great time. This year it’s supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny.

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, head over to the CRC website before Friday when the price goes up.

Oysters and bling

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