Oyster Easter 2010

Is there anything better than normally responsible adults running around selling Tequila shooters and Jello shots to raise money for charity? I just don’t think there is.

That is Oyster Easter in a nutshell. Four prominent men and four prominent women doing all manner of silliness to win the coveted title of Oyster King and Oyster Queen. This year’s royalty is Walker Shell and Morelia Cuevas.

Oyster Easter is a party like no other. It’s loose. It’s casual. We have a Hula Hoop contest, for goodness sake. There is a lot of alcohol but nobody abuses the privilege. We have oyster shooters (an oyster, cocktail sauce and vodka), we have Smoothie King smoothies (also with vodka), we have beer and this year spectacular wine from Barefoot Wineries thanks to our new best friend, Diana. As always, we get hooked up with spectacular Cajun food from South Street (thanks, Pfef) and Les Kerr and his Bayou Band provide great music. Gigi’s Cupcakes also brought theĀ  most precious teeny tiny cupcakes you can imagine.

We also were lucky to find a great service that helped tremendously with clean up. Last year it was Betsy, me and a few somewhat inebriated guests picking up random gnawed rib bones and cigarette butts from the grounds at Travellers Rest. This year a group of guys doing community service came and cleaned up for us. A free service from Metro. Absolutely great.

So here are Betsy and me along with Adam Dread, who has chosen the candidates for at least a decade and emcees the event. We look happy because we’ve had a couple glasses of wine and the sun is shining and everyone’s raising money for us.

To all who helped with Oyster Easter this year, a big shout out from Betsy and me. Your generosity will be spread over more than 80 nonprofit agencies and their clients in need.

Oyster Easter 2010

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