Our man with stuff

We are open and we have stuff.

This is John Moore. He is our man with stuff. He didn’t want his photo taken, but I did it anyway. He deserves some recognition. John owns M&M Wholesale in Old Hickory. Normally, we buy basic personal hygiene and cleaning supplies from John for our giveaways. He sells us stuff for pennies on the dollar. Well, today, he brought us emergency hygiene kits, blankets, baby wipes, sheets and cleaning supplies at cost. At cost. John is a softie. That’s why we love him.

So we have the beginnings of stuff. We are starting to get referrals from other agencies. An 18-wheeler full of hygiene supplies. Someone offering baby blankets. Betsy and I are excited. We are functional, once again.

This afternoon we’re going over the warehouse on Omohundro to see what it looks like. I am a little fearful. I’ll let you know what we see. Don’t eat dinner first.

Our man with stuff

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