Our happy place

New home stuffThe Chicks love almost every part of our job, but the thing we love the most is “shopping” in the warehouse for others. We actually fight each other to go shopping. That’s a lie. We don’t actually come to fisticuffs. We just kind of elbow each other out of the way.

Like today, for example. I started shopping for a lady who has just moved into housing but has nothing to bring with her. Nothing. Think about that. Yea, I have a roof over my head. Oh, oh. I don’t have any bedding or even a bar of soap.

So I started making the pile you see in the photo – everything brand new and everything that I’d be proud to have in my own home. Nice bedding set with matching bathmat. Beautiful Memory Foam pillows. New pots and pans. I’m humming along and then I start seeing things I didn’t pick out. A stray area rug. A wall hanging with hooks. A potted plant. Betsy?

She couldn’t help herself. And that’s fine. We both love to make other people’s houses into homes. I’m particularly proud, with this shopping trip, of the purse and matching scarf. Betsy doesn’t think I know how to do that kind of stuff.

Our happy place

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