“They’re ruining my display,” laments Betsy as she watches our non-profit partners at this month’s giveaway. Betsy is ridiculous¬† about organization. Absolutely ridiculous.

Here she is last week, sorting through boxes of what we in the trade call “surplus inventory” – stuff that companies don’t want but that is perfectly good and usually new. Betsy is so happy. She could sort stuff all day long. In fact, she’s pretty much taken over the sorting. I no longer apparently have the sorting skill. I used to. But no more. Now I am merely the helper. It took three days last week to sort through everything for this giveaway and Betsy savored every second of it.

But now, here they are. Those pesky nonprofit partners. And they want things and in the process of getting them they are ruining Betsy’s display. She sits at our makeshift desk in our temporary warehouse and stews over the fact that our partners are messing things up. At least in her eyes.

It’s a curse, really. Betsy has to endure this decline in organizational civility every month. We might have to seek treatment for her.


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