Not why we do this, but a side benefit

We provide new stuff that poor people need and can’t afford. Maybe that should be our new 10-second elevator speech.

But a side benefit is that during the giveaways, we are sometimes presented with presents, food and Faith from our nonprofit partners. John Jo Finn and his wife, Judith, brought their granddaughter, Faith, to the giveaway yesterday. They run the Faith, Hope and Love Ministry. Betsy was in the office when the Finn’s arrived at the warehouse and I rushed in to say only this to her: “There is a baby in the warehouse.”

She practically ran me over getting out the door.

We are blessed that a major retailer provides us with gift items and we just happened to have a giant bunny on hand. It weighed more than Faith. But that cute little girl was just tickled by the bunny and by Betsy. Here is your moment of zen.

Faith 006

Not why we do this, but a side benefit

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