Nerds on parade

In our line of work, the thrill of the hunt is finding stuff that our nonprofit partners want and then giving it to them. It’s a good thing to give people what they want.

So our warehouse is in a constant state of flux. This is what it looked like in late December, after the Christmas Giveaway.

And this is what it looks like today, in early January! Ta da!  There’s Betsy on the right. We got a large truckload of desks, file cabinets and other office equipment from Parsons Brinckerhoff yesterday. But Betsy didn’t know about the 100 office chairs that came from HCA today. “Wow!” she said when she walked in the warehouse. “Where did these come from?” She was so excited. Over office chairs. Nerds on parade we are.

I also have to share this photo of the fine guys from Ted Sanders Moving. They brought us the office furniture, plus some more chairs, which I promise you will fly out of here. Both Betsy and I were pretty darn impressed with how much they can pack on a moving van. I mean, look at this. Stuff packed all the way to the ceiling. Poor Jose (he’s the guy standing on the truck) almost got assaulted by a flying chair when he opened the back.

Yes, we’re excited by things that normally don’t give people a thrill. It’s because we can see the end result. A lot of those chairs will go not only to threadbare nonprofit offices, but to homes where needy people literally have nowhere to sit. An office chair looks pretty good when you’re sitting on the floor. Some of the tables will go to nonprofit offices. Others will go to refugees being resettled in this country for their dining rooms. Furniture can be pretty sexy in our line of work.

Nerds on parade

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