Nashville – the TV show

Nashville extraWho wouldn’t want to be an extra on Nashville? See that woman in the gold blouse with the long dark hair? That’s Jeri Doebelin, who was the winning bidder at Oyster Easter for an extra’s spot on the hit TV show. “I had a fabulous time,” she wrote the Chicks.  “It is an experience I will never forget.”

DeaconNow, let’s get to the meat of the matter. While I am overjoyed that Jeri had a great experience on the set of Nashville, I’m very disappointed in you, Chip Esten, also known as Deacon Claybourne. Why, I am not sure, but your name ended up on the guest list for Oyster Easter, causing me to momentarily go into heart failure. I waited and waited for you, Chip, but you never showed. Some silliness about going home to see your family for Easter. Really? When you could have been doing Jello Shots with me, your greatest fan?

I am giddy with excitement, though, that the show has been renewed for another season.  Since Easter is apparently not an option for you, Chip, we’ll see if we can’t get you to the Swine Ball, in August, which benefits CRC this year. You’d have so much fun at the Hog Calling Contest wearing a pig nose. Really, you would.

Nashville – the TV show

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