Mystery boxes

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A more traditional enterprise might call this inventory control. We just call it sorting.

CRC is truly blessed to get bulk donations from several major distributors that come boxed like mystery Christmas presents. You just never know what’s inside until you open the box and some of the contents can be, well, silly. Even slightly disturbing.

But like things have to be put in boxes with other like things and labeled so that we know when to give them away and to what agency. We have

Don't go near the water

Easter and garden boxes for spring. We have new clothing sorted by season so that we’re not giving away shorts in December or wool coats in May. We have every major holiday covered and some of the minor ones as well. Betsy has actually created a category sheet she gives to volunteers so that when a giveaway time comes we can simply pull the appropriate boxes off the shelves.

Right now, we have more to sort than we have sorted. Here are a few cool and maybe a few wacky things we’ve pulled out of our mystery boxes.

  • A shark fin hat. Who wouldn’t want to give Junior a shark fin hat to wear around the neighborhood? That will go to an agency that serves children for dress-up. Kim might wear it around the warehouse first just for giggles.
  • A creepy praying Pilgrim child statue. At least I find it creepy. Maybe I’m too jaded. A senior center will love that for a Thanksgiving
    Pray for us, oh Pilgrim child

    decoration. I think.

  • A very cool sign that just says “Eat.” I can see that in the cafeteria of one of the schools CRC partners with.
  • Another very cool sign that says “Nashville or bust”. That one may stay here. We like to decorate, too.

All of these things are decorative or playful. They go to agencies for gifts for clients, volunteer presents or to decorate their own facilities. We do a lot of decorating for halfway houses, residential programs, senior centers and family resource centers.

The more useful stuff – personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies, paper products and other household necessities do more to change the lives of those in need. But they’re not funny. Necessary, but it’s hard to get a good laugh with toilet paper.

Mystery boxes

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