My new favorite people

I got kind of flummoxed, what with all the new boyfriends I have, when Baird Dixon and Beth Phillips, met us at the warehouse this morning. I was pretty sure Baird would be my new favorite boyfriend, but I hadn’t counted on Beth.  So I’m just going to call them my new favorite people.

When you completely gut a building and you wonder what in the world to do next, you call an architect. Baird and Beth are from Street Dixon Rick Architects here in Nashville. And they are my new favorite people because they have offered to provide their services at no cost to help CRC get back on its feet. So I don’t care if you only plan to build a doghouse, you get over to Baird and Beth’s place and hire them to design it. Actually, they don’t design doghouses. They design things like Vanderbilt’s Blair School of Music and the visitor’s center at Belle Meade Plantation. Big stuff.

But the folks at Street Dixon Rick have huge hearts and they like passionate people and they are very interested in “green” design where you minimize your footprint on this Earth. If you want to see the coolest thing ever, look at their solar monitor.  They put solar panels on the roof of their building and you can actually watch the electricity leave their building and go back to NES. In fact, Baird said when they first installed the panels, the meter readers thought they were cheating, kind of like rolling back an odometer, because the needle was running backwards.

So they are going to take our empty space and make it beautiful and functional. They are going to design it not only as a warehouse, but also as a space that other nonprofits can use for meetings and for a special project we’ve just started working on with the third chick that will involve computer diagnostics training for autistic people. How does that fit with CRC’s mission? We’re going to give away part of that IT knowledge to our nonprofit agencies. Do you think they can afford a $100 an hour computer tech? No, they cannot.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First we need electricity and plumbing. And architects.

My new favorite people

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