My latest boyfriend

I have to admit Carl’s not the talkative type. In fact, one-word answers are his favorite kind. But he’s from the Small Business Administration and he was willing to come out on a Sunday to look at the warehouse. And, for that, he is my new favorite boyfriend.

Carl’s job is to try to figure out what was at the warehouse so the SBA loan officers can figure out how much they are willing to loan CRC.  We won’t necessarily take the loan. It’s possible the SBA will turn us down so we will be eligible for FEMA money. Oh, did I mention my new favorite gal pal? Heather Iverson, a lawyer at Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, filled out the FEMA application for me! It was two inches thick! But that is why my new boyfriend, Carl, was waiting at CRC this morning.

My husband, Mark, came along and that was a good thing because Carl had all kinds of “boy” questions. Was there insulation between the dry wall and concrete block? I don’t know. Where’s the main breaker box? Uh, somewhere on a wall maybe? Carl, why don’t you ask me some questions I can answer like what color was the tile in the break room? Red and white checkerboard, by the way.

So, now we’re almost ready to begin again. West Nashville Emergency still has to do a little more cleanup and get rid of the mountain of garbage in the parking lot, but all the toxic poo is out. It’s time to re-imagine, re-think and re-invent. We’re going green with this project. It lines right up with our mission of re-purposing donations from the corporate world to the nonprofit world.

I wonder if we can keep the front-end loader?

My latest boyfriend

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