How much can you fit in one truck?

Members of the Green Truck Moving Company, with Pastor John Jo-Finn and his helper, right.

How about so much that the only space left is taken up by the movers and our nonprofit partner, John Jo-Finn of Faith, Hope and Love Ministries (right in the orange shirt). And that’s a 54-foot-truck.

CRC was honored to assist the Bank of America in distributing an entire floor’s worth of furniture to our nonprofit partners. It’s the kind of project I love, made all the better by the expert direction of the bank’s relocation expert, Bob Barr, and a crackerjack moving team from the Green Truck Moving Company.

It’s not often that we’re given the gift of professional movers to load trucks. Usually, it’s one of our nonprofit partners, his son (“young legs”) and somebody’s uncle.

Sometimes a big job (the last giant one was distributing three floors of furniture from a law firm) does not go so smoothly. Inadequate freight elevators, little to no loading dock, nonprofits arrive late (or not at all – that’s a cardinal sin) and the aforementioned young legs and uncle to help move literally hundreds of pounds of furniture. I have even had nonprofits show up in an SUV for a desk and credenza. Really.

For this job, everyone showed up on time and in the proper vehicle for the job. The movers had each of the 14 nonprofits’ items staged on the dock when they arrived and most of our partners were in and out in 15 minutes.

Progressive Directions

The Genesis Learning Center got 22 cabinets for their classrooms.

Perry County Food Bank

The Perry County Food Bank got much-needed office furniture for their expanding operation.

Project SEE

And Project SEE, which mentors and tutors children, can finally sit down and still do the job.

It was a hot, sweaty and stinky job on a sweltering Saturday – but everything went like clockwork. The perfect day.

How much can you fit in one truck?

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