Maybe I’m playing around too much…but

These are my new favorite boyfriends – John Madole and Andrew McAlister from American Constructors and Slade Smith from BEM. If you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you realize that I have been playing fast and loose the last few weeks. I’ve acquired many new boyfriends and one girlfriend who are angels sitting on my shoulder. They have cleaned out our warehouse, given us free warehouse space so we could give emergency supplies to flood victims, and donated architectural services.

My new boyfriend, Slade, is going to make all the bacteria that’s in the building go away. He sent a six-page report that could basically have been titled, “There Be Dragons Here.”  There were lots of numbers. Here’s his conclusion:  “Overall, the surfaces sampled indicated the majority of the structural substrate materials were biologically contaminated and considered FAILING.” Wow. In capital letters. We didn’t simply fail. We FAILED! So the people in the white suits are coming next week. Betsy and I have been banned from the building. We’re actually pretty happy about that.

My new boyfriends, John and Andrew, are going to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. They’re the general contractors. They’re going to take the architectural plan from Beth Phillips at Street Dixon Rick and make it happen. They’re going to give us windows that open and offices that work and a conference room area that will also serve as a training area.  It’s going to be pretty. And, let me assure you, this is the first time in CRC’s 25-year history that it’s ever been pretty.

So don’t chastise me for playing around a  little. I know I was raised better than that. But John, Andrew and Slade are hard to resist.

Maybe I’m playing around too much…but

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