The Chicks love our volunteers, especially when they’re willing to work in the warehouse on a 95-degree day.

The Chicks have been totally blessed with lots and lots of donations of surplus inventory. What is surplus inventory, you might ask (or might not so I’m asking on your behalf)?  Companies generally end up with extra stuff. It might be – and these are real examples of items donated to CRC – cases of Nerf balls intended for a company retreat that never got used, new blankets with a misprint that couldn’t be sold, a multitude of ceramic items that said “Helen, Georgia” (apparently not enough people go to Helen, Georgia to pick up their ceramic items) and pallet upon pallet of flower bulbs.

The Chicks have to sort through all this surplus inventory and estimate a value. First we sort by season (it wouldn’t do to give away Christmas ornaments in July) and then by category.  If Betsy and I were to do this by ourselves, we would have to get blow-up mattresses so we could sleep in the conference room and never leave CRC. Fortunately, we have help.

Last Saturday, a group of eight volunteers showed up at 9 a.m. to sort. There was a mother and son duo, a senior at a local high school, two volunteers from other nonprofits and three lovely ladies from the VFW in Clarksville. In just three hours, they plowed through more than $31,000 in donations of surplus inventory. And they barely even touched the box of doughnuts from Shipley’s Betsy thoughtfully provided to keep their energy up.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any organization because they give their most precious resource: their time. It is the one thing in this life you can never get back, never replicate, never do over. So we are so thankful that our volunteers are willing to spend their time with the Chicks helping us to serve the more than 90 nonprofit agencies that depend on us to provide essentials for their clients.

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