Man power

We are not low tech at CRC World Headquarters. But we’re not high tech, either. So when our good friends, Tim and Ronald from Progressive Directions, stopped by to deliver some primo copy paper donated to us, Betsy and I happily stepped back to watch the masters at work.

Tim 1Lookin’ good here, Tim. Just muscle that paper out of the truck using a pallet jack.

Tim 2Oh, oh. Dang, that paper is heavy. Tim and Ronald try to push it out of the truck. Sometimes it’s good to be a girl. Betsy and I just watch and sympathize.

Tim 3What to do, what to do? Can’t pull it, can’t push it. Okay, so we’re not going to go high tech here. When in doubt, just pick it up and transfer it to a pallet by hand.

Tim 4Sometimes, it’s good to be a girl. Those boys are so chivalrous that when we offered to help I think we wounded their pride.

So here’s the Mission Moment: Progressive Directions, which serves people with mental and physical challenges, partners with us in so many ways. One of them is the blessed gift of Tim and Ronald to help us get donations to the warehouse. We share in the bounty, which helps them with their bottom line. More donations for them means less money their clients have to spend on residential housing, leaving them with a little disposable income for a movie or a haircut. Everyone needs the simple pleasures in life.

And our take goes to our other nonprofit partners. If they aren’t paying for copy paper, they’re using the money to directly help people. Win win.

Man power

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