Lifters, fixers and sorters


Willie Ford, Carrie Shanklin, Colette Dwyer, Evelyn Buchli and Jeff Simmons

Every year, the wonderful folks at HCA spread out into the Greater Nashville Metropolitan area and volunteer at nonprofits on Community Day. We love that. All of us.

Willie masters the pallet jack

Yesterday was Community Day and we had a loyal (most of the group come year after year) band of merry volunteers who faced a monumental task at CRC World Headquarters. Every month CRC holds a giveaway for about 65 of our 90 nonprofit partners. Lately, the Chicks have been blessed with generous, and voluminous, bulk donations so there was more effort than normal needed to get this giveaway set up.

Betsy and her beautiful shelves

The HCA folks sorted office supplies, put together wonderful shelving CRC bought with the HCA mini-grant we also received as part of Community Day, sorted clothes, set out decorative items, and unloaded a U-Haul full of furniture delivered by other HCA volunteers from another nonprofit. It would have taken Betsy and me a couple of weeks to accomplish what they did in six hours.

And they ate all the Cheetos. I just have to say that when lunchtime came, those folks were loving on the Cheetos. But that’s okay. We bought another bag today.

Lifters, fixers and sorters

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