Life and death at the warehouse

I sat at my laptop in the temporary warehouse working when I heard cooing. It sounded like it was coming from somewhere in the warehouse. But try as I might I couldn’t find the source.

One day I was out on the loading dock and I noticed a pigeon flying back and forth from a ledge near the door gathering straw for a nest. Each straw was so small it seemed that he would have to work for years just to build the tiniest home.  That was the source of the cooing – a mama pigeon waiting patiently for her offspring to be born. Waiting for daddy to bring more straw, maybe a few worms for a meal.

The ledge is probably 20 feet off the ground. We couldn’t see when the baby was born. But it was. Unfortunately, baby pigeons don’t do heights very well. Yesterday, Kim found the baby on the loading dock.

She took a picture with her phone camera. She tried to give the baby some water. It was obvious the baby would not survive and she didn’t.

Things like this occur in nature every day. Survival of the fittest and all. But we don’t see them. They’re not right in our faces. The pigeon family was a nice distraction from flooding and need and unrelenting heat. I wonder if the mama pigeon will try again in the same nest. Or decide that A+ Storage is not a wise choice for a home.

Life and death at the warehouse

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