Laying low

You know how it is when the finish line is just in sight and you’ve been running a long, long race and you know the hardest stuff is almost over? We did that for the last few days. Oyster Easter was over, the giveaway (interrupted by tornado warnings) was done and the move back into CRC is imminent. So we goofed around a bit, kind of like looking back at the end of a race and realizing there’s nobody on our heels.

By the way, here is a beauty shot of part of the offices taken by Rachel Paul, a professional architectural photographer who donated her time to record our lovely space for posterity. When Sybil McClain from Street Dixon Rick set the photo shoot up for us, I foolishly thought it would take about 45 minutes. I am obviously not well versed in architectural photography. It took six hours! But it was fascinating to watch Rachel as she carefully set up each shot and made sure the light was just right and that every detail was perfect.  I mean look at this place. Is this not the coolest space ever? I am quite sure when people come to visit I will instruct them to take their shoes off at the door and provide them paper booties to wear.

So we kept a low profile for a few days. Betsy took some time off to play with Kirstin Sunshine. Kim went off to fly fish with breast cancer survivors who enjoy Casting for Recovery. That Kim is a do-gooder even in her off hours. And I met a friend of more than 30 years at a mountain cabin to watch The Wedding.

As of Friday, we will have phone and internet. I can remove the accursed CRC phone from my personal office at home after more than a year. I will no longer have to shoo Mark off the deck because he does not understand that even in my shorts and t-shirt, if I am at the computer I am working. Actually, I have to give Mark a lot of props because he has endured the CRC phone ringing at all hours of the day and night.

We will be in an official work space again, albeit a fun one. Strategic planning sessions will once again take place at the open dock door in camp chairs. Our patient nonprofit partners will not have to set their GPS for the latest temporary warehouse we’re inhabiting. However, they will have to wear paper booties.

Always we begin again.

Laying low

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