It’s hot

Everyone knew there would be hell to pay last spring when the weather was 80 degrees in March. Well, now it’s here. Hell. The forecast for later this week is 108 degrees. And Northerners wonder why we move so slowly in the South.

It is a balmy 90 degrees in the warehouse at CRC World Headquarters, where we are holding the giveaway today and tomorrow. I was going to shoot a video of all our nonprofit partners coming to get basic necessities for their clients, but we all just look too pitiful to be in a movie today. Whatever dab of make-up the ladies applied this morning has long since melted away and the guys don’t look too good, either.

We must be unrealistically optimistic in the South. This happens every year. Summer brings unbearably hot, humid weather and we are always, ALWAYS, surprised. We do, however, know how to cope. Later this week, construction work will stop. Anything involving roofing or lawn maintenance will cease. In fact, we do not need lawn maintenance because all the grass has already burned up. We will move ever more slowly, almost to a crawl. We will drink lots of lemonade and, at the appropriate time, a nice gin and tonic.

It will be fine. October is almost here.

It’s hot

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