I felt it important to make you aware of an unacceptable situation today. I had to leave the warehouse for a few hours and left Catherine in charge. When I returned I noticed Catherine had turned on the space heater and moved it to a location more convenient to her.

Perhaps in the future if Catherine is in the warehouse alone we should lock the heater up. I would hate for her to join the ranks of the “weenies.”

Please advise,


Unbelievable. Kim does not understand about e-mail. She obviously meant to send the above to Betsy alone and inadvertently sent it to me as well. So this is the result. I am now broadcasting this to the world. Insubordination. Kim has obviously not taken proper notice of my Principle of Discomfort and also does not understand the Chain of Command here.

Yes, I moved the space heater because it was in the way of…in the way of…something. Something important. I can’t remember what right now. And I was wearing my long underwear, a fact that I clearly advised Kim of, so there was really no need for the paltry 12 watts of heated whisps coming from that space heater. Should I have felt them.

But all that doesn’t really matter because I am the executive director of the Community Resource Center. Executive. Director. Don’t those words mean anything anymore? Don’t they carry some kind of weight? Any kind of weight? None? Really?

Really. And, besides the point, there is no place to lock up the space heater. I think you girls are well aware of this. As am I. The next time Kim has to leave the warehouse I will just have to…be more careful to put things back. Not the space heater, of course. Just…things.



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