There’s a famous burger chain in California called In-N-Out. The name represents a quick turn-around, in this case for apparently insanely good burgers.

We kind of like to think of ourselves as the In-N-Out of the nonprofit material distribution business. Quick. Whatever it is, if it’s sitting in our warehouse it’s not being put to a good use.

Just an example. Kirkland’s donated some beautiful dining room tables and fancy vanities to us. Sweet.


photo 2They weren’t here long enough to gather a single fleck of dust.

Welcome Home Ministries, which serves men getting out of prison and learning to become productive citizens, picked up one of the vanities and two dining room tables for their residential homes.

Kirkland's donationAnd Aphesis House, which has a similar mission as Welcome Home’s, picked up the other dining room table and vanity.

Kirland's donation 2One less thing in the warehouse. We’re all about that.


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