I’m dreaming of a bacon Christmas

So, Betsy has thrown down the gauntlet. The holidays are just around the corner and a simple gingerbread house is apparently not nearly enough. She has posted on Facebook a photo of…drum roll!…the bacon house.

As if to ask: Catherine, why do we not have a bacon house at CRC World Headquarters?

Well, I don’t know if I’m enough of a bacon architect to make this thing work. And then there’s the tremendous waste of bacon. I am not a fan of making bacon and then using it to construct a house instead of eating it. And yet. The challenge is tempting.

Perhaps something a little less daunting.

There we go. A compromise, much as our friends in Congress are facing right now. A gingerbread house with a bacon roof. Very possible. And much more edible. Perhaps a little brown sugar as the glue to stick the bacon on the roof. Then we can just run it under the broiler and make Pig Candy.

Alrighty. I’m in. Look for it in the next few weeks here in Chickland. Dreaming of a bacon Christmas and about to make it real.

I’m dreaming of a bacon Christmas

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