Ice skating at CRC

Baby, it’s cold outside. It seems even colder when you work in a warehouse which you refuse to heat because you’re just too cheap (except when Betsy begins to turn blue and I relent for health reasons only). Southerners are not noted for their enthusiasm over cold weather. But with 19-degree weather we have snow flurries and even a little ice pond in the parking lot. If you just look closely, you can almost imagine strapping on the skates and playing Crack the Whip! Maybe have some hot chocolate with a candy cane to stir it with as you sit in the warming house after a brisk skate around the pond.

But, alas, if you widen your view just a little, the skating rink turns into our trusty “lake”, much reduced by lack of rainfall. Are we having a little trouble slipping back into the work week in 2010? Just a bit.

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