Sorry to have been away so long. I know, I know. Pathetic. The last time I posted it was before Christmas and I was planning to make a bacon gingerbread house. I did not. A few things got in the way.

Sock Monkey Betsy

Sock Monkey Betsy

First off, the Christmas Giveaway. Our warehouse was so full that Betsy and I looked like hoarders, carefully navigating our way through tiny aisles surrounded by towering boxes of potentially deadly heavy items. OK, maybe that’s a bit melodramatic.  But we had a lot of stuff to dig through in order to make up the piles for our nonprofit partners. It did not help that Betsy just could not resist playing with a few things she found along the way. Why wouldn’t you want a sock monkey apron and hat? So chic. So irresistible.

At any rate, we got through the giveaway and distributed more than $200,000 to our nonprofits for their clients. Usually, we just shut the warehouse down after that because everyone’s been served and we’re pooped. But this year, people kept needing things and other people wanted to keep giving us stuff. So we kept going. And going. Until it was a few days before Christmas when we just ran off screaming. Not to appear callous or ungrateful.

Then there was that week between Christmas and New Year’s when everyone in Middle Tennessee got sick. EVERYONE. People were wearing surgical masks to the Piggly Wiggly. No one wants to read about that in a blog.

And then it was early January and it suddenly occurred to me that I had two grants due and it was time to write them since I was no longer on my death bed.

I realize that our vast number of subscribers (hee-hee) have not been sitting in front of their computers, constantly hitting refresh until a new blog post came up. But there is a certain responsibility that comes with blogging. It is that you expect the blogger to actually write in a timely manner. I will do better in 2013. It’s a New Year’s resolution. I promise. I know you are thrilled.

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