Hoopin’ girl

betsy hooping 2I believe Betsy’s obsession with Hula Hooping is…well…obsessive. However, the girl was on vacation in Europe the last 10 days and I am not one to judge. Here she is hooping in some European place. I think it’s London. But it could be Paris. She hooped all over the continent.

betsy hoopingHow is this relevant to CRC and our mission to serve more than 90 nonprofit agencies with basic household necessities food stamps won’t buy? Okay, it’s not. Let’s just lighten up here, folks. If all the Chicks talked about was the goings on in the warehouse, you’d have left us long ago.

This is how one of the Chicks lets loose. She hoops. She bought a special hoop to take to Europe and she gleefully demonstrated it at every piazza, square and park. As I understand it, the Europeans were puzzled.

So here’s our mission moment for the day. During our giveaway today, we served more than 30 agencies with basic stuff poor people need to live lives of dignity – soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, new clothing, socks. Unimagined luxuries for our most fragile citizens. We have more than 30 agencies to go tomorrow. It’s approximately 50 degrees in the warehouse. We were cold. But we wore long underwear so not as cold as we could be.

So isn’t it nice that one of our generals on the supply line to the front lines of poverty got to spend a few days Hula Hooping through Europe? I think everyone would agree it is.

Hoopin’ girl

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