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DSCN0609This is Deborah Harding. She helps poor people buy homes and, lately, she’s been helping poor people who are worried about losing their homes.

Deborah is the executive director of You Can Make It Home Ownership, a nonprofit that counsels first-time home buyers on the ins and outs of mortgages and lending. She also works two other jobs so she can afford to be charitable to others. A big heart is an understatement.

When the housing crisis began, I asked Deborah how business was doing. Too good, she said. Too good. Hundreds of people who had “qualified” for mortgages they couldn’t afford were calling her, begging for advice on what to do.

I was slightly outraged this morning on the way to work, listening to a radio announcer tell me that fat cats on  Wall Street are ready to give out billions (yes, billions) of dollars in bonuses to already overpaid goons. Did the housing crisis end without Deborah Harding knowing it?

Deborah is a member of CRC and was here getting donated office chairs today. She’s starting a new class and now her students will have somewhere to sit.  The chairs were worth about $2,500, money she can now divert to teaching people not only how to get a home but how to keep it.

Home girl

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