Home for Christmas

I often say that we are privileged to serve because we stand on the shoulders of giants. I felt that in a very meaningful way today as we gave flood survivors mattresses that will allow them to sleep in their own homes again for Christmas. We are able to serve because two very tenacious furniture executives in High Point, North Carolina – Tom Morgan and Billy Hunt – have worked tirelessly to find 500 new luxury mattress sets for us at a ridiculously low price. And then the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee agreed to fund their purchase to the tune of $151,000.

Renee James

This is Renee James. She was out of town when the flood struck and came home to find her house in Bordeaux destroyed by nine feet of raging water that a few days before had been a small creek at the edge of her property.  Her family had owned the home for more than twenty years. Her home is now repaired and today she came to our temporary warehouse to get a mattress. She thanked us profusely. But it is really Tom, Billy and the Community Foundation who deserve the thanks.

This is John Boyle. He lives in Bellevue. That’s pretty much all you have to say

John Boyle

if you experienced the flood. Bellevue was one of the hardest hit areas, miles from any significant creek or river. Many residents had to be rescued by boat and some clung to trees or fences to avoid being washed away by the flood. More than five feet of water wreaked havoc in his home. Today, he told us he was blessed. A lot of people have it harder than I do, he said. The Boyles will be home for Christmas because of the generosity of Tom, Billy and the Community Foundation.

This morning, we had about a dozen people come for mattresses. It’s like that most days at the warehouse right now. They come in pick-up trucks and rented U-Haul’s. They all have stories about the flood. Most of them are resilient. And inspiring. And we are allowed to restore some normalcy to their lives. Because we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Home for Christmas

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