Home again, jiggity jig

So Betsy and I held our first strategic planning session at the open dock door this afternoon, precisely in the same place we held our last one more than a year ago. Kim was otherwise engaged with a brand new forklift she was tremendously excited about and which we will chronicle at another time.

We got a lot done at this session. We discussed our new fund-raising initiatives, our plans for the open house to thank all of the many folks who helped us this year, and Betsy’s attire for the Iroquois Steeplechase. We made lists of office supplies we need to get for our new offices,  projects we need to finish and what Kirstin will wear to the open house. As you can see, we jump around quite a bit but it all gets done in the end. And you might also notice our plastic cups. Yes. We had just a thimble of Chardonnay. Really, half a thimble. I believe this is standard workplace protocol. Someplace. Or another.

But you have to give us just the tiniest break. We are so thrilled to be back home. We are so grateful to have conversations again. We are so thankful that we have desks to work at and gates to open and shut that are all our own.

You might ask why, then, did we not conduct our strategic planning session in the luxury of our new office space. Well, because we kind of wanted to start things where we ended them a year ago. When we surveyed the massive damage to CRC after the flood the remarkable fact of the matter was that our camp chairs were exactly where we left them in front of the dock door while everything else had been tossed around like confetti.

I will tell you, though, that we got new chairs. We’re not that nostalgic.

Home again, jiggity jig

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