Hitting the jackpot

Jim Zacarri, left, of Armstrong Moving helps load a truck for Hope Health Clinic

In the world of giving away furniture to nonprofit agencies, when you get a call from a law office you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

Let me back up here. We work with a lot of businesses to give away furniture they no longer use. The only stipulation CRC makes is that the furniture must be in good condition. Nonprofits that have been existing for years in offices with broken chairs and spindly tables are so grateful to get an upgrade. But law offices? Forget about it. Their furniture is primo. Have you ever seen a lawyer sitting behind a particle-board desk? Neither have we.

So, thanks to our good buddy, Jim Zaccari of Armstrong Moving, we got to clear out a law office (the firm moved and got new furniture).

So, who got what? TPAC got chairs. Lots of chairs for their offices and waiting areas. TPAC is one of those partners that doesn’t need what we offer on a monthly basis. They’re in it for the furniture. Many folks don’t realize that TPAC is a nonprofit. In front of the curtains, everything is glitzy. But behind the scenes, they’re just like every other nonprofit – loathe to spend money on themselves. Over the years, we’ve furnished a lot of their offices and we love doing it.

Project Reflect got some much-needed desks and bookshelves for the library. Project Reflect operates two charter schools for at-risk children and they do an outstanding job of taking kids from the most dire of circumstances and giving them structure, discipline and a lot of love. They put every dollar they have into educating those kids, which means they don’t have any money for furniture. Fortunately, they have us to provide furniture. And, fortunately, we have them to provide the next generation of leaders. And, by the way, they also have a fearsome middle school football team. Go Eagles!!

Then there is World Relief. They need pretty much every stick of furniture they can get because they provide housing for refugees. Sometimes office chairs become living room chairs and file cabinets become dresser drawers. In a pinch. But an office chair is better than no chair, don’t you think?  Burton and Joel are the go-to guys for moving these fragile souls into their new homes. They came away with lots of chairs, a few desks, a bookshelf, a few filing cabinets and kitchen items from the law firm’s break room.

So a good day at the office. Perfectly good furniture that might have been thrown away is instead finding a second useful life. Jim Zaccari, the Chicks ♥ you!


Hitting the jackpot

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