Hear the oysters calling?

I am not much of a party girl, I hate to say. But even I love the kick-off party for Oyster Easter.  Every year, it’s almost as if the weight of winter is lifted at that party. The guests just bust it up. Not literally. It’s way too classy a crowd for that. But they do know how to have fun.

Every year we have it at the Bound’ry, which just does legendary food.  The purpose of the party is to introduce our awesome king and queen candidates. If you haven’t been to Oyster Easter before, eight of Nashville’s most prominent citizens run for king and queen. We introduce them to the world at the party.

But mostly, we drink a lot. Tastefully, of course.  The queen of the party is Miss Betsy Alice Everett, who plans every detail of the event. She makes the sashes for the candidates, artfully arranges the baskets of goodies for the silent auction and gathers the volunteers who help us take the suggested donation of $10 a head. By the time the party is rolling, Betsy is ready for a good time and, bless her heart, she deserves it.

She also knows that somewhere about an hour into the festivities, she is on her own. I have mingled as much as I am able at that point and it is time for me to go home. As I said, I’m not much of a party girl. I am more a “sit on the quiet deck having a glass of wine and playing World of Warcraft” girl. Fortunately, she has my back on this. And, truth be told, after everyone’s seen me once and I’ve seen everyone once, nobody misses me anyway.

Adam Dread is always the master of ceremonies both at the kick-off party and at Oyster Easter. I think this says something, and I’m not sure what, but Adam wears a lot of hats (including his signature bunny hat). He’s a lawyer, he has a radio talk show, and he’s a comedian. And he taught his cat to use the human potty. That’s quite an achievement all by itself.  Adam has been selecting the king and queen candidates for the last 20 years.

This year’s candidates for king are Richard Exton, Paul Stanley, Flint Adam and Mark Slaughter. The queen candidates are Alicia Jones, Janet Cooksey, Stephanie Langston and Wendy Monday. You need to support them, as in give them money. Just click on their names to make a donation through Paypal. The serious part of Oyster Easter is that it is the main fundraiser for the Community Resource Center.  And this year, we really need the money. We have to pay for Betsy’s pedicure station at the new CRC.

(If you want to go ahead and get your Oyster Easter tickets, just step on over here.) New this year – Royalty Choice tickets – $75 to support your favorite candidate and get into Nashville’s Best Party – Oyster Easter.

Hear the oysters calling?

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