Grown up girls

Lookee here, lookee here! Where are we? We are in our new space at CRC! The furniture installers came today and brought us the most beautiful furniture imaginable. Everything matches.

Betsy and Kim celebrated this milestone by forcing me to buy them lunch and then spent time assigning me menial tasks before Oyster Easter. Do I want to pick up the U-Haul to go to the airport warehouse for tables and chairs? No, I do not. I’m not sure where the Chain of Command went, but it has gone somewhere far, far away from CRC.

That’s O.K. Nothing could dampen my mood today. We have a beautiful and energy-efficient space thanks to the good folks at Street, Dixon and our lovely architect, Beth Phillips, who came over to inspect the place after lunch. I realize that most people will not require a complete do-over after a historic flood, but even if you’re remodeling your building, call these people right away. You will not be disappointed.

We have lights that come on by motion detector. Betsy spent part of the afternoon running through the warehouse just to watch the lamps light up. We turned the exhaust fan and corresponding magically opening vents on the other side of the warehouse on over and over again just to see them work. We made the new office chairs go up and down, up and down.

Today, we felt like grown up girls. Instead of working on folding tables and camp chairs, as we’ve done for almost a year, we sat in the lap of sophisticated luxury and drank in every bit of it.

We are going to have an open house for all the people who have helped us provide flood relief and recovery over the past year. But first we are going to have an intimate gathering of the angels who put us back in our building. They would be the Frist Foundation, United Way of Metropolitan Nashville, the Melkus Family Foundation, the HCA Foundation and Street, Dixon Rick Architects. The first four told us not a week after the flood that they wanted to help us financially in a meaningful way. And they certainly did. We will let them sit in the chairs and make them go up and down all they want. And Street Dixon (thank you Sybil for hooking us up!) offered to donate their services to design our beautiful space. To all of our angels, thank you is not enough.

Champagne will be involved.

Grown up girls

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