Good works

Pastor Danny Gibbs from His Image Missionary Baptist Church was here picking up a desk and credenza just now and we got to talking about people who do good and the fact that they shouldn’t do it for their own sake but for the sake of others.¬† That made me think of this passage from a book written by Saint Benedict of Nursia in the sixth century of Italy.

If you want to live the life only you can live, do good for others.

And when you have done good, you will have life abundantly.

A life without good works is a shadow life.

A life centered on itself is an empty life.

Seek to do good for others, and you will find fulfullment.

Forget yourself  and you will discover what you are seeking.

But if we do good works, we should not do so in the hope of reward,

Nor in the desire for betterment, nor can we be proud or self-righteous on account of our good works.

We must credit the good we do to the hidden foundation of good, and be grateful to serve as its medium.

– From Always We Begin Again, the Benedictine Way of Living

Good works

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