Go Eagles!

10552153_BG1If you’re in need of a lump-in-your-throat, three-hankie post, this just in from Joan Anderson, an administrator at Project Reflect, one of CRC’s partner nonprofits. Project Reflect, co-founded by Sister Sandra Smithson, just started a middle school this year to pair with its elementary school. 2009 was the inaugural year of the middle school’s football program.

“What a game last night! Project Reflect’s Smithson Craighead Academy Middle School won the city public-middle-school championship for football last night in a 20-6 game against J.T. Moore held at Hunters Lane High school. The dark, cold night put no chill on the exciting play on the field. J.T. Moore had not lost a game in three years. SCA’s team, cheerleaders, and drum corps were outstanding.

Following the game, the captain of the SCA football team collected the trophy, walked up to Sister Sandra with team in tow, gave the trophy to her and said, “Sister Sandra, this is for you.”  She said, “Thank you so much for this gift. But this trophy belongs to you and the team, and I want you to keep it to remind you of what you can achieve.” So today we hope to order a trophy case for SCA Middle School’s first trophy.

Please join in celebrating this win for the kids. And pray that they win big this year in the classroom, too.”

These kids will be winners in the classroom as well as on the field because Sister Sandra and her dedicated staff will make sure of that.

Go Eagles!

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