Give this woman some space

Ingrid, right, just needs a little square foot love

Ingrid, right, just needs a little square foot love

Ingrid Regen is on a mission to bring art to anyone who wants to play. She’s started a nonprofit that will combine a sort of Goodwill store of art supplies and programs to encourage kids of all ages to let loose their creative juices. And she’s all about reuse, which the Chicks are up with, and will happily take your fabric samples, half-empty paint tubes, sequins, glitter, wine corks, toothpicks – anything that can be turned into artistic masterpieces.

You can check out what she’s up to on the Creative Reuse Center’s Facebook page.

But what I’m really here to talk to you about is giving Ingrid some space. Some actual square footage to store her art supplies and hold her classes. Space is one of the biggest challenges of starting a nonprofit. And Ingrid’s not picky. The space has to be somewhere that parents would feel safe bringing their children, but that’s about it. Just after the flood, when I desperately posted to Facebook for some temporary warehouse space, I got a response in about 10 minutes which is how the Chicks found the wonderful Robert Craig at A+ Storage.

I know there’s someone out there with a spare classroom, basement, warehouse who wants to give a start-up nonprofit a hand up so that children, in particular those who aren’t exposed to the wonderful world of art, can play with glue and construction paper and whatever else Ingrid has on her supply shelves. Just send her a message on the Creative Reuse Center’s FB page. “Psst, I got space.” That’s all she needs.

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