Getting your money’s worth

This is just a great opportunity for horn tooting. Nonprofit agencies pay anywhere from $125 to $300 a year to be members at CRC. Tennessee Cares for Kids is a relatively new member. They are a great group that helps children entering foster care.

Since joining CRC a few months ago, here’s what they’ve gotten from us:

3,800 square feet of new carpet and padding

2 new dinette sets

16 file cabinets

3 desks

1 conference room table

40 folding chairs

1 fax machine

12 office chairs

1 corkboard and 1 whiteboard

And that’s not even counting the basic household necessities they pick up at the monthly giveaways.

What this means is that Tennessee Cares for Kids can devote the money they would have spent on these fairly expensive items to directly serve their clients, these precious children. You know, CRC may have a low profile in the community at large but I can tell you that, modestly, we are well loved in the nonprofit community. Almost all of our 90 nonprofit partners could make a similar list.

Horn tooting adjourned.

Getting your money’s worth

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