How our garden didn’t grow

Every year we plant a garden at CRC. I believe we are the only building on Omohundro Place with more than a couple of bushes to greet people. But this year, something happened. I don’t know what but hardly anything grew.

It started with the blackberry bushes, which have produced bushels of berries for the last three years. A sheriff’s department crew mistakenly wacked them off at the base last year and this year we got all of five blackberries.


So no blackberry cobbler for us, sadly.

The herbs did pretty well although the dill has gone to seed.


That’s parsley behind the dill and baby basil behind the parsley. Better get busy making something with all that before the first frost.

The real disaster was in the back planter beds which were supposed to produce bushels of tomatoes and peppers. Not.


We got a precious few cherry tomatoes from two bushes, not really enough for even a tomato pie.


And how’s this for pathetic? It’s hung on the entire summer looking almost exactly like this. A+ for effort if not productivity.


Okay, and this pepper plant looks pretty darn robust but it has not produced a single pepper all summer.

So pretty much a disaster this year which is slightly embarrassing since I was supposedly teaching the Millennial how to garden. And no amount of “you should have seen the tomatoes last year” or “I had so many zucchini I couldn’t give them away” will make it better.

Maybe I need to be thinking about fall crops. Hope springs eternal.


How our garden didn’t grow
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