Funny hats

Is it a real job when part of your duties are digging through boxes of fantastic donations and putting on funny hats? I think so. Most definitely.

We are at the airport warehouse on Saturday with some fantastic volunteers who are donating their time to sort donations for our Christmas Giveaway. You just never know what you’re going to find in those boxes and we have a lot of them to go through. Some of the donations are fitting for Christmas: children’s books, pretty scarves, aromatic candles. And then there is the random witch’s hat that Betsy pulls out of a box and which Ben Prom, a volunteer, makes fun of. It is fun.

It’s really a treasure hunt. You never know what you will find. Lovely watches. Yes! Pretty china. That’s good. A cucumber man that sits on your kitchen counter. What was someone thinking when they made that? It’s all good. Someone will want that cucumber man. Someone who doesn’t have a lot of joy in their life and who will appreciate the lunacy of a cucumber man and just smile.

But back to the hats. We do seem to be a hat crazy bunch.

Is it Easter yet? CRC board treasurer Martin Akin is not too proud to put on a bunny hat. Please note the ears. They flop up and down. He’s O.K. with that. The bunny hats will get saved for a spring giveaway or they might make an appearance at our annual fundraiser, Oyster Easter.

Next week, our nonprofit partners will come to the warehouse for gifts for their clients. Often, the only gifts some of their clients get will be from the Community Resource Center. A nice new Christmas sweater for a disadvantaged senior. A new board game for an at-risk child. We will give away thousands of gifts next week. I am fairly certain hats will be involved. Kim was modeling an elf hat on Saturday. I am fairly certain I will see that again.

Funny hats

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