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I will not linger long here because it’s been a tiring day, but if you do not put Oyster Easter (always the Saturday before Easter) on your calendar for next year you are a fool. Sorry, maybe that’s too harsh. This is the best pay party of the year – it ‘s loose, it’s fun, there’s lots to do and, best of all, it benefits me! Well, it actually benefits the Community Resource Center. But that is me and Betsy and Kim and all the people we give stuff to.

I will tell you there is alcohol involved. This year, besides the traditional wine and beer, there were bourbon tastings courtesy of King candidate (and eventual winner) Richard Exton, Jello shots from numerous candidates, these delicious adult juice boxes containing margaritas, spiked smoothies and oyster shooters with vodka. Fortunately, everyone either drinks responsibly or calls a cab so it all works out in the end.

Who knew that the Hula Hoop contest would end up being one of the most fun events of the day? The Hoop contest started when we got a donation from DeLoitte Touche that, inexplicably, contained Hula Hoops. Betsy thought it would be fun to have a contest at OE, and that’s how that was born.  Of course, we lost all our Hula Hoops in the flood so Betsy had to replace them. When she was checking out of the Target, a little boy asked her why she was buying so many Hula Hoops. “That’s my job!” she said.

So, at the end of the day, after a terrific Cajun feast from South Street, and lots of fairly responsible alcohol consumption, the king and queen were crowned. I will thank all the candidates who worked their tails off for CRC later, but the eventual winners were Richard Exton and Janet Cooksey. All the money – every cent of it – will go to our most fragile citizens. But you know what? For tonight, it was just a really good party.

My alcohol consumption is bordering on irresponsible. So over and out.

Fun Central

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